Thursday, December 27

Holiday Update

Well it's snowing outside as I type this we've probably gotten about a half inch so far today & there was a foot on the ground when we arrived.

Been busy busy busy!! Landed at JFK, passed through customs & immigration in an hour, found Patty, Louise & Jeremy among the crowds. Out to the car & we started the drive north. At 2.10am we arrived home with only 1 stop of food / toilet break.

Breakfast the next morning at the Adirondack General Store where Patty's car got backed into by a hit & run driver. I can't recall the exact next few hours, but I do know that L,J&I went to my mum's house & helped her move furniture around & got our Christmas tree (luckily I know the owner of the tree farm so he'd found me a REALLY nice 8' tall one for just $40 - pays to know people in high places :)

Again lost track of days, but I know we went snow shoeing on Christmas afternoon for about 2 miles around dad's property line. Another day we drove to Glens Falls for food shopping & pick up a rental car (since Patty's is in the shop). Another day we drove to Burlington & walked around Church Street & then took the ferry to Plattsburgh & had sushi for dinner.

Future plans are to go to Saranac Lake / Lake Placid / Willmington (where Whiteface is located) for the day and possibly skiing, but if not for sure some more snow shoeing.

Off to buy food for tonight's combine Open House (for mom) / Birthday Party (for me & Louise) with a few few people from town.

On 1 Jan, we all head to CT for a few days, but that's ages away & I can't think that far in advance, since I clearly have no clue what day it is or what I'm doing tomorrow - LOL

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At 29 December, 2007 06:31, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

It's nice to lose yourself in delight...and besides, the only thing you really HAVE to keep track of is if you've changed your underwear or not!

Linda D. in Seattle


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