Monday, September 17

Fantastic Bands

One of my favourite songs from them at a live concert:

I've been to see them a few times, one memorable time was in NH when Shannon, Janine & I drove all the way over & then got to hang out with the members of Virginia Coalition while OAR (Of a Revolution) was on stage, we got drum sticks & back stage passes. Had we not all had to go to work the next morning we'd been invited to hang out on the tour bus with them, but instead like good lil girls that we are (lol) we drove home that night.

Here's one you might have heard before:

My mates Eric and Billy & I heard this band live in Plattsburgh, New York at the Mayor's Cup in the summer of 2003 (I think) they're fantastic as well & often play with VACo and OAR, check this video out:

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