Tuesday, May 1

Good Question Jen!!!

Yeah the word "local" doesn't necessarily mean it's near your house, it's just the pub which you frequent. Our local use to be 1 block from our flat, but then the bartenders we liked moved down to this pub in Camden, so the boys followed & I probably will as well. It's hard sometimes for Jim & Rob to find a local, since they are both cops they can't drink in the area where they work & they don't want to be in pubs that have lots of problems as that causes them to have to work during their time off. At least at this local if something kicks off they are willing to work because they love the staff so much & to be honest I'm sure the staff enjoy having them there - it's sorta like free security. I'm not saying nothing has ever kicked off while they're there, because I've seen it happen, but I've also seen them both take care of the situation & dissolve the issues in just a few seconds, so most patrons in the pub barely even know anything has kicked off.


At 01 May, 2007 15:25, Blogger jen said...

i knew it must have to do with my misunderstanding of the word "local" - thanks for the explanation!

i can understand following your favorite bartenders and going a bit out of your way to go to your favorite pub. i wish i had a "local."


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