Thursday, April 26

TT #3

Thirteen Things I want to do by the end of 2007

1. Meet new people in London

2. Have produced enough data to be able to present at the 5th World Melioidosis Conference in Thailand

3. Finish reading London, by Edward Ruthefurd - it's interesting but slow reading & I keep getting side tracked by other books

4. Go on a road trip, maybe to Wales (first choice) northern England & Scotland (being my second choice)

5. Get the internet set up at my house - this is proving to be more difficult than I had thought!

6. Spend as much time as I can outside in the parks during the summer months - I spent entirely way too much time inside studying last year!

7. Take a holiday in Thailand - I have to go for a conference, but I want to extend it into a proper holiday & enjoy it!

8. Really try to drink more water every day - I always start off well first thing in the morning, but then I some how loose it later in the afternoon.

9. Try something new with my hair - not sure exactly what . . .

10. Post photos on my blog - I know I've been horrible about it, but I promise after I get the internet at home these things will all fall into place - then you will be sick & tired of my photos, since I've got tons of back logged ones just waiting to come your way.

11. Try being a vegetarian, course I'm not going to be a full fledged one as I still want to be able to eat fish, & I'm not sure I could ever become vegan, but I'm gonna give going veggy a try, not that I eat that much meat now as it is, but I'll have to cut out mince (hamburger meat) in my spaghetti bolognese

12. Go to a "boot sale" not for boots as in the shoes, but boot as in the trunk of a car, I'm 95% sure this is sorta like a huge flea market/garage sale/junk collectors paradise, but I'm intrigued to check it out

13. Visit/meet new friends in Germany - hope to get that done in 2 weeks time!



At 26 April, 2007 19:15, Anonymous dad said...

well, that is cool...
sort of like some new year's resolutions. all sound great and good luck on it!

love, dad

At 26 April, 2007 21:09, Anonymous Mommio said...

Ditto from Mom. I like your ideas and sense of really doing what you want. At least writing them down must help to make the reality a little easier--well, maybe, tee, hee. Love, Mom


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