Sunday, April 22

Primark on Oxford Street

is fantastic!! Estee & I decided to take a trip down to the new Primark (biggest one in the UK) which has been absolutely mobbed recently, but we thought we would risk the craziness for our weekend outting. We drove to Crouch End, caught the bus to Finsbury Park & got on the tube into Oxford Street & walked towards Marble Arch to get to there. Louise met us outside & we all went in for a few hours, they've got some really great deals!!! Tank tops for £1.50, shirts for £3, skits for £6, etc. I spent £15 in total & got 3 tops, pair of shoes, 2 socks (as a present for my lil sis), and a really cool purse - how can you beat that?!?!?!

It is apparently equal to the Americans JCPenney, but I think the deals at Primark are MUCH better than I ever got at Penney's but still an interesting fact none the less.

Okay off to have lunch with Lou & Jeremy now - who are both getting excited about their move to NYC this fall (Lou got offered a job at Rockefeller University, working with Trypanosoma brucei - African Sleeping Sickness and antigenic variation)



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