Friday, March 16

safety differences

So over here the footwear requirement is only, "Footwear should be appropriate for the work being undertaken. Open-toed shoes should not be worn when handling liquid nitrogen or moving heavy items" apparently sharps are not as much a worry?!?!?!?

Also "Radios & tape players, including personal stereos of the Walkman type, are NOT permitted in the laboratories" Back in the good old days at TI, Pete & I use to listen to CDs all day long during big experiments - it's where I learned to like lots of different types of music, for example the day he brought in the zydeco band cd, forget the name of them now, but the music was fantastic!

They require a lot more reading than I ever remember in the states, but then again it was nearly 6 years ago that I started so maybe I did read all this stuff. LSHTM's general safety manual is 42 pages (read), the specific codes of practice safety manual is 90 pages (read), and then there is the Biological Services Facility Code of Practice which is 37 pages (read), followed by the Entrance to the Laboratories and Specific Codes of Practice for Burkholderia pseudomallei (ACDP Category 3) packets which are both about 10 pages long (both read). There is also a HUGE check list for general lab techniques & then also the Bp specific lab techniques!!

Thanks Zee for the food idea! I think this means that before I can say anything I need to try it out :) so I'll put it on my agenda to start checking out restaurants!! I know tomorrow MissyLou & I are getting a curry, so maybe on Monday I can talk about Indian food, which I already know is 900% better over here than in the states, I don't know if it is the water or what, but I've never had a good curry in the states (that is after tasting curries here!)

So I've got 3 flats to look at tomorrow & hopefully that will help me make my decision - if not I can come back to the drawing board Monday morning!

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At 16 March, 2007 23:53, Blogger PCS said...

Buckwheat Zydeco!


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