Monday, March 12

In London

Hi from London, I'm sitting at my new desk after just having a 1.5 hour chat with my new boss about Burkholderia pseudomallei and what we hope to be doing over the next year or so. Lucky for me I had not forgotten ALL of my science knowledge!!!

I arrived safely a week ago yesterday (4th) and proceeded to New Southgate where I'm currently living on a sofa bed at my friend's luxury flat. I was really good & stayed up all day so as to aclimate to the UK time zone as fast as possible. On Monday I met Amanda & her parents at Paddington station around 9am to catch the train to Bath for 2 days. We visited the Roman baths & even tasted some of the (not so wonderful) mineral water. The second day we went on a half day tour of the local countryside (Avebury & some of the Cotswold area). While having a wonderful pub lunch back in Bath we recieved word that the Scottish trains were going on strike so our plan to take the sleeper train was foiled. Thanks to a bit of quick thinking we got back to the hotel, retrieved our luggage & caught the next train back to Paddington & made our way over to Kings Cross in order to catch the 5pm train to Edinburgh. We arrived at 9.30pm Tuesday night so we were able to spend 2 fulls days exploring Scotland, before catching the 11.30 train back to London. I spent this past weekend relaxing at "home" (aka Jim & Rob's) and catching up with my old flatmate Louise.

Next big step is flat hunting - fun fun fun (that was sarcastic)!! I do have one lead, but it's just for one room & since I have a lead on a flatmate I will have to follow up on that as well.

But for right now I have to sign up for my BSI membership, get my ATM passcode sorted, buy desk stuff, and read some papers, speak soon . . .

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At 12 March, 2007 15:23, Anonymous Zee said...

Yay! Glad you're getting settled in. Best of luck in your new job - I'm sure you'll do great! Also, good luck finding a place to live and a flatmate :)

At 13 March, 2007 03:21, Blogger PCS said...

How about getting your animal experimentation license?


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