Thursday, March 15

flat hunting fun

I hope in reading that title you heard sarcasm in my voice!! So last night I had booked an appt to see a flat in Queens Park area, but 15 minutes before hand the girl called to say she'd found someone - ugh!!

Tonight I have an appt to see a flat in the Kentish Town/Chalk Farm area (semi near my old stomping grounds :) at 7.45pm. Louise is going to go with me, I've got my fingers crossed that I can at least see this place.

Aside from that I don't have any other good flat hunting stories, but I'll keep ya posted . . .



At 15 March, 2007 13:16, Blogger Andrew said...

Good luck!

At 15 March, 2007 14:57, Anonymous Zee said...

Fingers crossed for ya!!


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