Tuesday, March 13

1st day of work at LSHTM

Before you read, remember that my spell check option does not work so please understand I have quickly proofread it but I don't promise anything!!

So after arriving over a week ago I was somewhat worried about my decision to move back to London. It is totally different than the last time I was here. - the group of friends who I hung out with 95% of the time are not here anymore, not to say I don't know anyone, but it just makes it a bit weird at times. Living on someone's living room couch is not the easiest either. I'm totally thankful that I have a place to crash, but it's not as comfortable when your bed is also the couch & dinning room chair. Don't get me wrong the boys have been great about me staying & are respectful when I get tired & want to sleep. It's just all a bit strange, guess I was spoiled having my own bedroom & run of a house during the day for all those months in Connecticut!! (Thanks Anne & John, I miss you guys!!) Of course as of Friday morning it will probably get slightly easier as Rob leave to go to Thailand for 4 weeks & as most of you know he is the harder one of the two to get along with - as was evident last night when I got a phone call from the states & he decided to talk to me while I was obviously speaking on the phone, sometimes he can be such arse!!!

After such a wonderful first day yesterday I'm not as worried about it. I know my living situation will sort itself out very soon & I'll get into the swing of work. I'm sure in a few weeks time I will totally have forgotten about my indecision about moving here, it is just this interim time I have to try to remain calm & see the light at the end of the tunnel, for example my FREE trip to Thailand in November & the free croissant breakfast every Tuesday at 4th floor lab meetings - I mean in the long run, what more could I ask for???

Well I'm off to look for flats online & see what I can see. I still have not heard back from either prospective flatmate, so maybe I'll just go out on my own. And as Pete mentioned in a comment yesterday, I have to start figuring out when I can take the animal course at the vet hospital to start the process of getting my license. Amasingly enough you can snap a neck without any license (which if done wrong could be very painful) but anything else you need one, go figure . . . Okay back to start my second day at work. If you're bored & want to read something interesting today, check this out.



At 14 March, 2007 03:55, Blogger PCS said...

Isn't it odd that in the USA they don't like you to snap necks but it England where you actually need a license to work with animals you can do it. Like you say...go figure.


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