Friday, March 16

Flat Hunting Story #1

So last night after a longish day at work - did I tell you I was bloody knackered all day yesterday, guess going back to work full time after 6 months of holiday finally caught up with me, well that & staying up past midnight chatting with Jim & watching Pretty Woman - which btw Jim knows many of the lines to the movie, it kept me laughing - I jumped on the Central line over to Marble Arch to visit with MissyLou (my old flatmate) & Jeremy (her boyfriend who she is now living with).

After arriving at their flat we immediately started cooking dinner, as MissyLou & I were rather peckish!! We had cheese & ham tortellini with spicy tomato sauce - yummers! After dinner we decided we needed a bit of sweet, so we popped down to Green Valley (Green Valley Lebanese supermarket on 36–37 Upper Berkley Street, London, W1H 7PG - highly recommended!!!) for some baklava - again yummers! After dessert we legged it up to catch the bus to Chalk Farm area to view my first flat.

For those of you who didn't go with me last night to see the place, the flat (location I will not post) was really nice! My potential flatmate's name is Mame, she's a Treasury accountant for a diamond company - sounds exciting right?!?!?! She is super friendly, very outgoing, and the place was uber clean. It's a 2 bedroom place with double glazed windows & a small deck off the living room. In "my room" the walls are a light violet colour with a TV, VCR & DVD player, double bed, built in wardrobe (aka closet), 2 small dressers & a huge window that faces onto the street. The living room windows face a shared garden. The bathroom, well it's a bathroom, but it has a stand up shower, unlike last year, so that's a big plus :)

Don't worry if I move in I'll take lots of photos & post them up for you to see. Louise & I had meant to take photos last night, but never got around to it, we were too busy gob-jobbing it (aka talking) with Mame. I'm just going to look at a few more places this weekend just to make sure I like this place for sure.

The really cool news is that I sent Mame an email this morning explaining I really liked the flat, but that I didn't just want to take the first one I saw so I'd like to check out a few more this weekend & get back to her. Within a few minutes she replied with, "I was just about to email you to say that I really enjoyed meeting you too last night. I totally understand that you need to see what else is out there so I’m happy to hold the room for you until Monday. Basically the place is yours if you want it so just let me know." How cool is that?!?!?! Maybe flat hunting isn't as bad as I had made it out to be????? Well there is still a flat to see on Saturday at noon & a few more phone calls to be made, so I'm sure on Monday I will have at least one other flat hunting story & a decision about what to do with Mame's flat.

As for my flat which you saw yesterday which probably made you drool all over your keyboard about. Things are much better there as well, Mr Annoying (RG) as I will call him, left this morning for a 4 week trek around Thailand, which means I get my own bedroom & en suite bathroom, yippeeeee. Course if I take this flat with Mame it will sorta be a mute point & I actually think I might miss hanging out with Jim, but I can still go up for visits.

Okay I'm asking for your help now, what sort of things would you like me to blog about, aside from my oh so exciting days at work?? I know Pete was looking for flat hunting stories, but does anyone want to "see" or "hear" about anything in London or England for that matter?

Okay I'm off to read some safety manuals, I know you're all very jealous & want to read them as well - LOL - Happy Friday & have a great weekend in case I don't post again today or speak with you in the mean time via email. I miss you all, but things are starting to fall back into place - yeah!! I knew it would if I could just, let go & take it one day at a time.

Oh yeah Happy Saint Patrick's Day to ya!!!!!!!!!!

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At 16 March, 2007 15:04, Anonymous Zee said...

Congrats on the flat! I hope you're able to find the right one with the right flatmate. Sounds like Mame is really nice!

I'd love to hear more about the FOOD in London... I know the English aren't exactly known for their cuisine but I understand that the ethnic restaurants in London are wonderful!

At 16 March, 2007 16:44, Anonymous Mommio said...

Food is great; I'd also love to hear about movies, plays. There are currently so many movies I want to see. Wonder what's great over there.

Also more on the background of the people with whom you're working. Don't know about them. Love, Mom

At 16 March, 2007 16:49, Blogger Sara said...

opps, I meant to say, "moot point" not mute point, thanks mom for the correction!!

At 16 March, 2007 23:56, Blogger PCS said...

You are supposed to go to that street where Dr. John Snow shut down the public water pump to put a stop to the cholera exhibit. Supposedly the curb where the pump stood is painted red. I've forgotten the street name but I'll look for it.

At 17 March, 2007 20:31, Blogger PCS said...

Obviously I meant cholera epidemic...I hope I'm not becoming senile.


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