Wednesday, February 28

Almost there . . .

as far as my goodbye dinners are concerned. Met up with Aunt Pat, Diane & Patty for dinner last night at Outback on BTP in Newington. AP & D had just gotten back from a cruise so they were nicely tanned & had fun stories to tell. As you could probably tell from all my posts yesterday I never got that nap I spoke about early on in the day, so I was rather whipped out during dinner.

On my way to the car, Jim called to confirm that Rob would be at the airport for my arrival on Sunday :) which was nice not to have to worry about.

This afternoon I have my Chuck E Cheese date with Owen, Maya, Sylwia, Jason & Jacob, which should be fun. Tonight's g'bye dinner is with Rog, Patti & Patty at Ruth Chris & tomorrow night is dinner at home with Anne, John & probably Matt. Then I'll be done with my goodbye meals & will just focus on packing & not being sick!!

I'm feeling better, as in my throat doesn't hurt but my ears are now blocked, hopefully this will resolve itself by Saturday evening when I get on the plane!!

NyQuil was my saviour last night when I couldn't sleep - I'm still confused as to why that is an over the counter drug?!?!?! I mean within 5 minutes I was in a comatose sleep & woke up 9 hours later in the exact same position - which trust me NEVER happens, I'm a mover in my sleep!!

This photo is for one person in particular & she should know who she is. I was driving home from Loon Lake the other weekend, saw this & knew I just had to stop to take a pic. I thought it might make her laugh, we use to giggle about these signs all the time:



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