Wednesday, August 16

sooooo much better today

So the past two days weren't my greatest of days, we've all had them, and luckily it only lasted 2 days!

On Monday I said to Amanda, "Don't worry I'm in the boat with ya, course it's the Titanic, but at least we can float around on rafts in the sea and slowly freeze to death together - lol"

She replied with, "I think its more the Lusitania. Pleasure cruise near Ireland and then suddenly getting torpedoed and dying in a firey blaze."

My rebuttal, "Ah to be on holiday on a cruise . . . though I do think we're on the Titanic b/c it's a slow painful drowning, with glimmers of hope every so often, like an occasional really good grade similar to the lifeboats that you can see in the far off distance."

It's just that the stress of our thesis, final exams, and lab issues (like the entire building not having any RO water for 2 days straight - WTF???). All of these things at the same time just has a way of getting to you, no matter how hard you try to stay positive. I'm sure it doesn't help that all of us are in the same situation, so even when things are sorta going well for you, one of your course mates is having a melt down & since we are all so close, we try to pull each other up out of the down times, but that can be trying as well.

So the point of my story thus far is that I broke my crappy attitude today, got a complement in the lab & could possibly be allowed to leave early on Tuesday to go pick Mike up at Heathrow, don't worry I'm thinking ahead & have my backup plan in place, Jim booked the day off so he can go and picking Mike up and bring him to me in KT . . . I'm just so darn efficient in my planning ahead, wonder where I get it from, maybe a bit of an OCD planning father, gotta get something good from him since I didn't get his affinity for law, economics, or maths (no that's not a spelling error, the Queen's English says it plural)

Okay I need to get more of my paper sorted before tomorrow! Did I mention Amanda & I are having a slumber party at mine tomorrow? We're gonna get curry take-always, read each others papers and watch Best in Show, now aren't you all jealous you're not here to join us!?!??!


At 16 August, 2006 21:56, Blogger Sara said...

interesting read:

At 17 August, 2006 18:35, Anonymous Zee said...

mmmmm, currry.... I heart Best in Show - great flick. Best of luck finishing up the term!! Will you be headed back to the States after you're done with school?


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