Thursday, June 29

Weather update

So for a country that's always suppose to be cold and damp, the past few days have been warm, sunny & beautiful. I just checked the BBC weather site & today it's suppose to be 25C (77F), tomorrow 28C (82F), Saturday 28C, and Sunday 30C (86F), and Monday 31C (88F), of course I never believe the temperatures forecasted for more than just the day I'm on b/c the weather can change so fast, but still, it's looking like we're gonna have some warm weather ahead of us!

Should be interesting in the lab, there no A/C, no open windows, heavy long "white coats" as they call lab coats. But another interesting thing is they don't seem to have any rule about open toed shoes being warn in labs, even the BSL-3 can wear sandals, and yet BCG is a cat 3 pathogen - WEIRD ah?!?!?!?

I have not been able to do it yet, still freaks me if I were to drop HCl or a slide or something equally as dangerous, but with 88F, no A/C, & lab coat on Monday, I might want to change my tune about always wearing trainers into the lab.

Happy Thursday, tarra :)


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