Wednesday, June 28

Multiple Sclerosis

A friend of mom's was just diagnosed with MS, so far she's in good spirits about the whole thing & she's got lots of support, another friend is going to do the MS 150 Ride through Oregon wine country, check it out!

Today was the MicroScience conference at ExCeL, pretty cool, we got a free tote bag with tons of junk info in it & a cool pad of paper :) I also won a free t-shirt, Alero won a free memory stick, and I picked up lots of free pens (Shann would be so proud of me!) and a BD BioScience timer, not too shabby if you ask me!!

After the conference I went to the Antibody Group meeting at uni (London's
BSI group meeting) Ulrich Schaible & Anne O'Garra both spoke. It still makes me laugh when I see people from TI being mentioned in presentations over here. Anne mentioned many of Andrea's papers and 1 from Dr North & 1 from Yu-Jin.

Well it's bed time for me here in jolly'o England.


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