Tuesday, June 13

PM study break

So here are the photos from Sunday's Girls Night at our flat.

We had Susan and Amanda over for Pizza Hut pizza, salad & a
Green & Black's chocolate cake, which to be completely honest was too much chocolate for MissyLou & me! So interesting how our likes & dislikes for food are so similar - must be that we were born on the same day!! We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding - it was fab :)

Well here is the cake:

Here we are enjoying the cake (Lou took the photo):

me, Susan, and Amanda
So we're just taking our dinner break now, gonna have mangetouts (aka snowpeas) with salad cream for a starter, southern fried chicken breasts with boiled new potatoes, peas, and Yorkshire puddings.
Ah yes, and we need some input into which study break movie to watch tomorrow evening, our choices are American Dreamz, RV, Confetti, or United 93. Any suggestions??


At 13 June, 2006 19:09, Blogger PCS said...

Watch RV cuz the guy gets sprayed with fecal matter trying to empty the RV septic system. That's always good for a laugh.

At 13 June, 2006 21:37, Anonymous paula said...

yes, we took Will to see RV a few weeks back....lots of potty humor

as pete says potty humor is always good for a laugh : )

let me know what you think of the movie

At 13 June, 2006 22:43, Blogger Sara said...

Well we had to flip a coin for it & American Dreamz got chosen, but we will keep RV in mind for next Wednesday - gosh I love these 2 for 1 ticket deals, makes it so affordable :)


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