Saturday, June 10

Germ. 4-2 C.R. and Pol. 0-2 Ecad.

So I'm super excited that CR was able to get 2 goals tonight, but of course I was hoping for Germany's sake that they would win, and they did :) always nice when the team that is hosting the event can win a game or two. There were many people who doubted they could do it, but they pulled it off!!

Ecuador did quite well for themselves as well tonight
see here for the details of their 2-0 win over Poland.

Now of course what truly matters is Monday night's game, but being that I'm in England I am suppose to be excited for
tomorrow's game . . . BIG things to watch for - England's striker (and Manchester United's) Wayne Rooney's foot is "better" but apparently not going to be featured tomorrow. Of course I'll be in the library studying so I'll have to check in & give you the update in the evening, after all the fun & excitement is over!

Nights :)


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