Monday, June 12

A Sad State of Affairs

So here is the update on how the USA did today in the World Cup :(

Still 82F and sunny here in London, I would normally be happy about this weather if I had a lake to jump in or had free time to enjoy it, but since I'm trying to study & it's hotter than heck in my flat, MissyLou & I are NOT enjoying it. Fingers crossed it will cool down later this week. We did find that our local library has A/C but it's not a quiet library, reminded me of the Ardsley Library (from growing up) where the librarians are the loudest people in the whole freakin place. The visitors whisper & the librarian says, "WHAT?"

Ok, my study break time is up in 2 minutes so I'm gonna run . . .


At 12 June, 2006 22:40, Blogger Sara said...

Course the Australians did win, so that is nice for all my Aussie friends & heritage :) Aunt Adele must be excited


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