Monday, June 12


Please go to Pete's blog, but your computer volume on high & click where it tells you to & see if you can hear the ring tone. Then put a comment up about if you heard it or not.

MissyLou & I heard it, but need a bigger population of people to test if old people really can't hear it.

Well it's 10.30pm, we're on yet another study break with fresh strawberries & double cream. It's still rather warm here in London! Earlier we were so hot we couldn't focus on studying so we took a mini study break, filled the bath with a bit of cold water & sat ourselves on the edge of the bath, soaking our feet & hands in the nice cool water. We felt like little kids playing at the water station in nursery school - it worked!

Well we still have more studying to go so I'm gonna bugger off & get it done, so I can relax & try to fall asleep in this warm little flat of ours!


At 13 June, 2006 06:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so I heard it. Does being young at heart count? I must say that it wasn't a loud sound but it was a buzz (to me) that lasted about 8-10 seconds. Mommio

At 13 June, 2006 09:24, Blogger Sara said...

Yeah, you & Eric both heard it :)

At 14 June, 2006 19:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ringtone update… unfortunately we have a rather small sample size from this office but here you go:

Me (28) Positive
Tom (~40) Negative
Blake (~25) Negative

Positive = heard, Negative = not heard

The results are hardly conclusive!




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