Monday, June 12

Flatmate & her brother

So my flatmate has started a blog as has her little brother who is working in Chicago for 3 months this summer - I've added them to my "links" section on the left hand side of the screen - feel free to check them out. My flatmate is "Loulabelle" and her brother is "Neal".

We did spend all morning at the Kentish Town public library where they had the A/C on :) It's been freakin hot in this wee country and few places have air conditioning!!

Okay, study break over . . . back to the grind stone . . . one week from today is the FIRST EXAM day.


At 12 June, 2006 22:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I navigated the World Cup map. Very cool! Reminded me of the geography lesson! Then I signed up for BBC email with major headlines, tennis, golf, football and cricket. I did the latter hoping that I could learn something--well maybe . . .love, mommio


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