Thursday, June 15


Yes, it's 09.06 and we're about to start another day of studying . . . But I wanted to give you something interesting to read about so we did a little brain storming & we've come up with a few interesting (at least to us) facts that we've learned thus far in our courses:

1) What helps protect you from
Malaria actually hinders protection against Onchocerciasis.

2) Having
Schistosomiasis can lessen your chance of getting allergies & asthma.

Can you tell MissyLou's in Medical Parasitology??

Okay off to study now . . . check in later.

P.S. We didn't go to the movies last night, stead we sat at home, studied, & watched an episode of Green Wing.


At 15 June, 2006 18:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had never heard of "Green Wing." Have now found it on BBC-TV and have entered it to be recorded. The reviews say that it is not really like Scrubs and touches topics that American Tv can't touch. We are so prudish that way. Mommio

At 15 June, 2006 19:28, Blogger PCS said...

Which would you rather have...Schisto or allergies?

At 15 June, 2006 21:24, Blogger Sara said...

Mom - I have season 1 on DVDs, so the stuff you are watching now is season two. It is a bit strange, might take a few episodes to get "into".

Pete - I'll choose neither please :) just "interesting" facts we're learning, but if I ever get Crohn's disease I'll def take a helping of Trichuris suis and if they've run out I'd risk it with T. trichiura!!


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