Monday, May 22

Yet another day of rain

Guess I should be happy it's not snowing, like it is in Saranac Lake, New York, but I do feel sorry for Patty & Matt who are having to "tube it" (Patty enjoys saying that) everywhere instead of walking. Course they are very proud of their knowledge of the tube now so that's good.

Today is not a very exciting day for me, woke up, eat some
Shreddies, had a cup of tea, put the washing on, and now studying for my Immunology of Parasitic Infections on Wednesday morning. Now doesn't that sound like, edge of your seat excitement?? Well it's NOT, let me tell you!

I've decided I'm not a big malaria fan - not sure what it is, I just wanna tune out whenever anyone talks about it, not a good thing when you have lots of lectures on it of course! I have no problem with other parasites, just malaria does nothing for me (that sounds funny doesn't it!)

Something exciting I am doing today is going to see
Blue Man Group with Patty & Matt tonight. We're going to meet at Russell Square tube station at 5.30pm and have dinner at the noodle bar just round the corner with Susan (and maybe others, have not heard back from anyone else yet) then down to Covent Garden (or as Patty likes to say, "Covenant Gardens") for the show!

Well I should get back to studying, just wanted to have something interesting for everyone to read when they got to work on Monday morning (for those on EST, that is)


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