Thursday, May 25

We had tea with the Queen

Well not really with the Queen, but Rob told me it was about as close to tea with the Queen as I was ever gonna get (will explain later) so I figured I'd get your attention with it!

In reality, Patty, Matt, Jim, Rob & I eat at a Mongolian BBQ place last night near Covent Garden. The food was really good and quick service - just we didn't get there probably till around 8.45/9pm, we were suppose to all meet up at 7.30pm, but the boys were running late & it was pouring rain so we tubed it as far as we could to avoid getting soaked.

When the bill came, the boys took care of it for us. It was about £13/per person for the all you could eat BBQ, plus drinks, so I'm guessing close to £100!! This is where the Queen comes in - Rob said that since the Queen pays him & he paid for our meal, it's just like going for tea with the queen - it's a long stretch, but I decided to go alone.) All I can say is they are truly wonderful mates!! From there we went over to The Sports Cafe (between Trafalgar Sq & Picadilly Circus) till 2am and then got the N20 (night bus) back to Kentish Town.

P,M, and I got up around 11am and went to Leicester Sq to get some lunch at Bella Italia, which quite possibly had the SLOWEST service I've ever experienced, luckily the food was good!

From there I left P&M to site see while I went to uni to finish off my paper (practical write up) that's due tomorrow at 4pm. I finally found a computer lab that had an empty seat in it, sat down & found out that my jump drive had some sort of virus (probably from one of the ohter uni computers) and my paper was gone! The last saved copy I have on my lap top at home was about 800 words ago!! So needless to say I was a little pissed off when in walks a lecturer who announces there will be a class in that room in about 5 minutes, this sends me over the top, so I decide to grab a tube home & write from here. This is my attempt to relax & refocus blog time - so far so good, but I must admit I think I'm borderline postal, probably better I'm not out in public (lol)

P.S. The work permit issues might not be so terrible I found out after a quick chat with Hazel on Tuesday morning, so now I have to go back & speak with Ulrich, see about his grants & what his projects with TB will be, see if I'm interested - keep ya posted.


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