Tuesday, May 23

Photos I promised . . .

Patty & Matt at The Assembly House their first day in London (Saturday)
Patty & Matt at the Blue Man Group (Monday night)

Me and Patty at Blue Man Group

Patty, Blue Man & Matt (post show)
The Gas Chamber shot being prepared for Jim (Monday night)the cool flames (Jade & Jos in the background)

Rob & me at the pub last night

Patty & Matt at Regents Park (this afternoon)

Regents Park again (thanks to the timer feature :)


At 24 May, 2006 04:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all are simply wonderful. Great to see P & M together in London. Sara & Patty together--just fine. Glad to catch a glimpse of Jim and see Rob too. Please pass special greetings onto them! Love you all very much. Mommio

At 24 May, 2006 16:22, Blogger Shannon said...

Aren't those two just the adorablest! Little nerds. ;)
Yeah, I should talk right? Love ya.


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