Tuesday, May 23

So much fun!!

So as I told you yesterday, Patty, Matt & I were going to see Blue Man Group at 8pm, near Covent Garden. Prior to the show we met Susan at the noodle bar, Patty & Matt aka P&M (Dad that doesn't mean properties & maintenance - lol) were very impressed with the prices, all four of of had dinner & a starter for £18.80!!

So Blue Man Group is a blast! I highly recommend it! I'm not sure exactly what I expected, but it far surpassed that & was a hoot. Matt & Patty enjoyed it as well :)

Earlier in the day I had gotten a text message from Jim (around 10am) announcing that some bloke had pulled a gun on him while at work that night . . . oh the joys of police work . . .so needless to say we'd been playing phone tag all day to talk about it. As I turned my phone on after the show was done Jim was calling to find out where we where because he was at the pub. So the three of us got the tube back home so P&M could meet Jim, Rob & Mark. It was good fun, don't worry Patty's got photos to share! They should be some rather good ones as "my boys" taught Matt about a shot called, "The Gas Chamber" for those of you who don't know about this shot I'll explain:

1) put a shot glass on a small plate
2) fill shot glass three-quarters full with Vodka
3) fill rest with Sambuca (let a little overflow onto the plate)
4) light the shot glass on fire
5) sprinkle cinnamonn on it (cool fire display!)
6) cover with a pint glass to put out the flames (producing alcohol fumes in the pint glass)
7) lift pint glass up, cover bottom with your hand & insert bendy straw
8) patron now sucks the alcohol fumes from the glass
9) patron then takes shot
10) pour overflowed alcohol into shot glass & have patron finish it off

Let me just tell you 2 of these will kick anyone's arse!! Jim went first, Rob second and then with a bar full of observers, "Welcome to England Matt" went third. Luckily for Matt, Jade (one of the barmaids) gave him a few pointers on how to take the shot more easily (pretend to suck, but cover the straw with your tongue) and provided him with 2 pints of water to chug just after the shot was done. I love Jade, she's the greatest!!

Well I need to get back to studying now, but I'll post the photos as soon as P&M get home - I think they went to Windsor Castle today. This morning it was actually sunny & almost warm, but don't get too excited because this afternoon it's clouded right up & we've gotten some rain again.


At 24 May, 2006 18:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gas Chamber" shots sound fun!!! Your time in London is proving to be very educational!!!
H in NY


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