Saturday, August 27


So I have to be honest, we've been in so many meetings and catch ups with friends I haven't been taking that many photos, but here are 3 taken over the past few days which I hope you'll enjoy....

Here is a view of the tv screen in the Brussels airport woman's bathroom . . . interesting place for a telly if you ask me

This photo's really just for Vicky, she loves apple juice when flying with me, but this time she was sleeping, so I got one in her honour & decided to document it . . . 

Lovely lunch today at the MTN Centre after a 4 hour meeting about our Sponsored Children's program.  clockwise we have green beans and carrots, beans, beef, rice, pomme frites, sweet potato, and plantain.

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At 27 August, 2011 16:09, Anonymous Little Empanada said...

Mmmm! That looks delicious :-)

At 30 August, 2011 06:44, Blogger Adam Bacher said...

Did you do umuganda? Last time I was there we went to a nursery and brought trees home to plant.


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