Tuesday, December 14

zoned out

Sorry I've been bad about updating this blog . . . I could give you lots of excuses like:

  • I'm working a lot
  • I go to the gym after work
  • My sister got married
  • I've been setting up for Christmas
  • I'm exploring this new city I live in
  • I was overwhelmed with the US mid-term election
  • I've been visiting friend I've not seen in over 5 years in what little free time I have had
  • I have nothing exciting to say now that I'm back living in the states
  • I can't find the time (see above for lack of time explanation)
But instead of boring you with those (even though I just sort did) excuses, I'm gonna just say that I've sorta zoned out on the whole blog updating - I'm not sure if it's that I don't have anything earth shattering to say or if I worry that nobody is even bothering to read it so I'm not sure who I'd be writing for.

I guess my point to this post is just to see if anyone out there is actually still reading this blog - if so I might be inspired to continue to update and if not . . . well who knows!  So if you are reading/following me please let me know by leaving a comment.



At 08 January, 2011 21:49, Blogger AndreaInLondon said...

I sometimes read it! x


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