Saturday, August 27

Our First Day in Rwanda

When I was little I always dreamed of having a “princess bed” which in my mind would be a canopy bed with flowing curtains on all sides.  In case you’re wondering it never happened.  But on my first night here in Kigali, I was able to climb under my mosquito net and pretend I was in a “princess bed”.  Funny how a net which could save me from malaria can in my head turn into something royal, lol.

Vic & I woke up around 8am this morning, after falling asleep to the loveliest noises of rain on the roof last night!  We had breakfast here at the hotel followed by organizing the lap top for Christophe and making a few phone calls to set up appointments for this weekend, before our travellers arrive on Tuesday night.

In making phone calls we discovered that Vicky's dear friend, Charlotte's daughter, Charlene, is in the hospital.  So we immediately make plans to go to King Faisel Hospital.  Her daughter is 1.5 years and has been throwing up & had diarrhea since Tuesday, but the doctor doesn't seem to know what is going on - they suspect something viral.  It was very sad to see her looking so under the weather.  While we were there her son, Chelle (4yo) started to throw up as well, so I have to hope & pray that they both get better soon!  If they are still ill on Sunday we will go back and visit.

In the afternoon we went to visit with our good friend Rita who is the Executive Secretary of the Association of Micro Finance Institutions in Rwanda - very lovely woman and we planned to see her on Wednesday again.

Tonight we will see my friend Arthur for dinner, hopefully at Indian Kazan - I know it's not very Rwandan, but I LOVE this place & it's walking distance from our hotel, not that matters since he has a car, but still, Vic and I really love it there!

Then after that apparently Vicky's friend Jean-Paul Samputu (musician) is going to stop by for a visit. I've never met him but I'm excited to meet him.

I took a video of the guest house and our apt this morning and then when I went to upload it I learned that it was going to take 700 minutes, so I'm giving up on that and hoping that a few photos will suffice.  Of course I did not taken any of our lovely accommodations when it was sunny out, so you'll have to wait.

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At 27 August, 2011 14:59, Anonymous MommiO said...

just loved reading about the princess bed! And your writing flows so beautifully that it's just a pleasure to read. Thanks and let us know how Charlene and Chelle are doing. Hope it's nothing serious. Love and a big hug! Mommio

At 27 August, 2011 15:06, Blogger Sara said...

Just spoke with Charlotte & no improvement with the kids, but they did put Charlene on antibiotics, so fingers crossed that will help!


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