Monday, March 23

nearly 400 miles in 48 hours!

Yes, that's correct people, I drove nearly 400 miles between 9pm Friday & 6pm Sunday! We drove from London to Ipswich, where we spent the night Friday. Woke up early, had a typical English breakfast got back on the road & headed to Orlow Castle, followed by Framingham Castle, then drove up along the coast to Great Yarmouth, stopped to see the beaches & ocean, then continued on to Cromer, before heading south again to see castle of which I've forgotten the name of now, then into Norwich. Walking tour at dusk of Norwich (St John the Baptist cathedral, Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle), Indian take-away dinner in our rooms (yummers) and watched Notting Hill before falling fast asleep. Sunday up early and back on the road headed towards Thetford (I think) to see Abingsly House, then over to Grime's Graves to see the flint mine before heading to Saffron to see another place, but we were too late for it. At this point we decided to just head back and return the car, as I was getting tired from all this driving & once we drop the car off, it's still another 1.5 hours till we get back to our flats! All in all it was fabulous weekend, weather & driving wise, we didn't get lost at all, which is a first for us - I think Kaylie's map reading skills are getting better & my driving standard on the "other" side of the road & ability to navigate roundabouts is getting much better as well, which helps immensely!

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