Friday, March 20

A wise woman once told me

well actually she wasn't speaking to me, I was just standing next to her, when she was telling someone else"saying no to others, is saying yes to yourself." I remember at the time thinking, "huh? that doesn't really make sense to me". So, I thought about it for awhile & she gave a few examples of what she meant & then I had one of those ah-ha light bulb moments where I realised, I need to remember that statement, but of course life has a way of stepping in & making you temporarily forget all those words of wisdom which we try to live by, until something happens which reminds you. My "reminder moment" came from a twitter she wrote yesterday. It said, "you can say no [to others] so that you’re available to change the world in the ways that are most valuable and important to you" I think this is such a great statement, that I decided it needed to be shared with all of my blog readers. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

On a different note, I carried most of my coin which I've been collecting over the past year, to the bank today & was able to deposit £159 ($229) . Since I had started this coin collection as a vacation fund, I've decided it's going straight towards the purchase of my British Airways direct flight from London to Delhi in November, which by the way, I booked yesterday :)

Speaking of that, I think I will update you on my travel plans for this year (mostly cause I just love looking at the list myself - hope you do as well!)
  • January I went to Switzerland (country #25)
  • February I was in US and Canada leaving no time for a "new" country to be added
  • March I went to Morocco with my mum & had a fabulous time! (country #26)
  • April I will be going to Germany for Easter (not a new country but couldn't find any other good deals, since it's a school holiday)
  • May I will be going to Sofia, Bulgaria (country #27)
  • June I will be going to Warsaw, Poland (country #28)
  • July I will be going to Copenhagen, Denmark (country #29)
  • July/August I will be going to Budapest, Hungry (country #30)
  • August I will be going to Vienna, Austria (country #31)
  • September I will be going to the US for Patty's 30th birthday & an Itafari Event (again no time for "new" country visit)
  • October I have not planned, but tentative Slovenia or Greece or Croatia, just waiting to hear back from my mates as to where they wanna go
  • November I will be going to India (country # 32)
  • December is still unplanned & will probably be full of packing up my stuff, but I'm sure I will fit something in then too!

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