Monday, December 15

problems in London

got home today & heard a weird thumping noise in my kitchen - discovered it was coming from the water pipes going to my water heater, then suddenly the fire alarm went when I also realised there was water all over the floor . . . after a long time standing in the cold trying to reach the "emergency contact" for our flats we discovered the water was not just all over my floor but it was leaking into the flat below me as well - also learned there was a hole in one of the pipes which is the size of which my pinky finger can fit into . . . it had been covered by tape for goodness only knows how long - lucky i was here to sort it out - the emergency line guy can't help as he's not a plumber & he'd been at the pub drinking so he admitted he didn't wanna do anything technical. so i'm without heat or hot water until they fix it - it's 16C right now & dropping - got both of my duvets on my bed and both wool blankets on chair next to it just in case I've also got 2 hot water bottles on standby from Nim & Andy's where I also showered tonight - this is so annoying! I sure hope my landlord is ready to hear from me & the guy who lives below me tomorrow - cause we're not impressed with the circumstances we're in - guy below me had water leak onto his mattress & all over his wardrobe - i'm going without heat & hw until this problem is fixed, last time it took 3 days to get a plumber & that wasn't during the holiday season . . .

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