Wednesday, December 3

Thanksgiving 2008 UK style :-)

Mel, Laura, Tash, Rob S, John
John, Nim, Jaiden, Andy, Olivier (baby), Roberto
Laura, Mel, Olivier, Roberto (LtoR 1st row)
(LtoR around table -John, Nim, Jaiden, me, Andy, Alberto
my flat

sweet potatoes without pecans (Rob S is allergic to nuts)
1st of 3 chickens - YUM
green bean casserole

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At 04 December, 2008 03:59, Anonymous Patty said...

Big crowd and yummy looking food! and you fit everyone in your flat! Avec tables no less! impressive

At 04 December, 2008 12:35, Blogger mary o said...

Your flat looks terrific. What a wonderful crowd of friends and great food as well. Congratulations. Love, Mommio

At 04 December, 2008 15:22, Blogger jen said...

impressive. you are a good ambassador for american culture!

At 04 December, 2008 19:23, Anonymous dad said...

ditto to patty..... great looking chicken number one!


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