Monday, December 15

2 more points of Obama in my mind

I know this is not a really good reason to like Obama more, but it made me giggle today when I read Why Obama may not like Britain, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you - feel free to comment, discuss, agree or disagree with me - I've always said, opinions are like ***holes, every one's got one and they all can stink!

It starts off by saying, "It recently emerged that Obama’s Kenyan grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, was imprisoned and tortured by colonial British authorities for two years during the 1950s, when the Mau Mau insurgency was rebelling against British rule."

The funny part to me is when the article says, "In his [Obama's] memoir, the British come across as “ill-dressed, pasty-faced, and racially arrogant; cramped, spotty, and joyless.” " anyone who has lived over here for a period of time probably felt the same way on at least one of these comments, or is that just me???

I was glad to see the article wasn't all just about pointing out reasons why Obama could dislike Britain, as it also mentioned, "With the global economy in free-fall and his country mired in two wars, Obama surely will not be “fixated on extracting revenge from the U.K.” Britain’s “colonial sins” are unlikely to “pose a risk to our relationship with the soon-to-be most powerful person on Earth.”"

I also thought it was great when they ended the article with, "But still, instead of wallowing in our guilt, let’s learn from it. The Obama family’s experience demonstrates the horrors of imperialism. . . . “anti-imperialism is little more than an excuse for tyrants to visit misery and terror on their own populations.” If the West has learned anything from the experience of Hussein Onyango Obama and others like him, it will denounce all such abuse—no matter whom the perpetrator is."

Your thoughts . . . if any??

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