Tuesday, December 9

better late than never, ah?

Sorry for my tardiness in updating, things here in London are about the same as always . . . work, buy Christmas presents, work, eat, sleep, work some more . . . We've been prepping for a big meeting with the funders so I worked on & off this weekend & stayed late most nights last week only to find out last night at 4.45pm that the meeting will be rescheduled for January - I cannot tell you how upset we were after we'd worked our butts off to get all this done "on time" but oh well at least it's set for January now :)

Rob has moved into his new flat - it's great, Kaylie & I went round on Sunday to check it out & were lucky enough to even get a thai green curry dinner - yummers!

I suppose I cannot complain too much as I'm off again this weekend with my mate Kaylie on a road trip from London to Nottingham (to see the forest) and then through the peak district and onto Manchester before back again to London - checking out castles and other things along the way!

I think I've already said this, but in case I haven't, for Christmas I'm off to Frankfurt, Germany to visit some American mates who are stationed there. I'll stay with them until the 4th of Jan.

An for those of you who know my former flatmate Louise, I'm going to visit her for OUR birthday in Geneva, Switzerland - she will have just moved there to start her PhD.

I also found out that I'm definitely going to Vancouver in Feb for the Keystone Conference and since that's sorta close to Portland, I'll meet up with my dear Sistah Itafari & finally get to meet her husband John so I'm super excited about that!!

And in case you were thinking I had not really been travelling that much, in March when my mum comes to visit for a week we're off to Morocco - my mum's first time to the continent of Africa so that's super exciting too :)

Aside from that it's the same old same old . . . though I'm sure to most my lifestyle is not "same old same old" but for me this is what I've always sorta done - I remember my mate Shabaana use to say, "and where are all of your family today?" cause we were always on the move, so I like to think of it as keeping a family tradition up!

Oh well it's nearly 11am & I've yet to do any actual work related work, so I best leave you now.

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At 12 December, 2008 02:56, Anonymous dad said...

quite the update on your plans and ideas! sounds hardly like "same old, same old"!

At 12 December, 2008 11:45, Blogger Sara said...

i think it's about as same old, same old as your hectic travel schedule :) apples don't fall far from trees apparenlty!


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