Thursday, December 11

A cure for cholera!

Apparently Mugabe has found a miraculous cure to cholera since he announced today that there is NO cholera in Zimbabwe . . . The United Nations had estimated that 16,500 cholera cases had been reported, yet today Mugabe declared that there's no cholera in Zimbabwe and that the crisis is over in his country, concurrently the UN raised the death toll to nearly 800.

If you're interested to hear him tell you "in person" then just here I think my favourite part is when he goes on to talk about a war over mad cow in Britain - that really is just such a classic line - interesting to me also was that there aren't that many people clapping for him - if he's actually found a miraculous cure to cholera wouldn't more people be happy for him? I mean really, he'd be famous, or is that infamous?!?!?!?!

People like him really piss me off, but it's nearly 7.30pm so I'm going to try not to get all upset over this idiot & his blatant lies!

On a total side note, rooibos (South African red bush thanks to Sam) tea smells like wet beach mats, but tastes good on a cold day!

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At 11 December, 2008 20:56, Blogger mary o said...

thanks for the story--too much, eh? but love that rooibos tea too!
love, mommio

At 12 December, 2008 00:37, Blogger jen said...

it's a christmas miracle!

but seriously it's hard for dictators these days what with the internet and all. there's too much competing propagnda, it's hard to get yours noticed.

At 12 December, 2008 11:44, Blogger Sara said...

mary o:
he really is too much!

true enough, lying about a health crisis does gets you front page!

At 13 December, 2008 13:58, Anonymous Amanda said...

Hey! Now he says Cholera was introduced by the west. You know how we do that sort of thing...

Deep breath...

We have rooibos tea at work; I'm going to give it a shot on Monday!

At 15 December, 2008 10:30, Blogger Sara said...

of course the west brought cholera into africa so we could take of the country by "curing it" but luckily for him he figured out the cure first so no need for us to come & help out . . . HE's INSANE!!!


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