Saturday, October 4

from Kigali, Rwanda

hello everyone!

keyboard is French & very confusing to me, so please bear zith me if the spelling is off - i do not have time to spell check. Vicky & I are having a great time here and getting lots of meetings acccomplished. I think everyone should go to Itafari's website (on the right side bar) and buy a brick for the Kigali Parent's School (aka KPS) you can even have your name on the brick & trust me after I get back and post the photos of these children you will not be able to say no to donating to such a great cause - they are fabulous, intelligent potential leaders of the future & do not deserve to stop schooling because a few Americans could not be bothered to spare 75 dollars.

I know these are hard financial times, but remember you still have a solid roof over your head, a family around you, shoes on your feet (probably multiples pairs to be exact) and even if the market totally crashes tomorrow you could spare 75 dollars!!!!

okay off my soap box - write again soon

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At 08 October, 2008 20:36, Anonymous dad said...

good to see that you are back to posting to the blog...

sounds like a fun and inspiring trip.....

keep up the good work.....


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