Saturday, October 11

Ihene, ex-child combatants and child sponsors

Since I last wrote we've been VERY VERY busy, unfortunately I don't have enough time to go into it all right now, but I'll try to give you a quick update.

On Wednesday, Vicky, Chrysologue, Emmanuel and I went to Huye aka Butare (south of Kigali) to check out some of Itafari's ihene (goat) child headed household cooperatives. We visited with four of the cooperatives, getting to see their ihene, speak with the head of the cooperative, and take a few photos. It was a very long day, driving out of the hotel parking lot at 7.30am and returning at 9pm.

On Thursday, Pastor Francis, Emmanuel, Vicky & I went to the ex-child combatants camp where the boys are between the ages of 8 and 16 to cook spaghetti with meat balls from minced ihene meat. When we got there we chose 5 boys who were interested in learning to cook. Taught them about hygiene & bacteria. Started warming the sauce, cutting up the vegetables & frying them up, before adding to the sauce, then making the ihene meatballs (eggs, breadcrumbs, ihene, spices), and finally cooking the pasta. It took us 4 hours over camp fires which were burning wet wood which made it tricky to keep a high consistent heat in order to cook, oh and don't forget about ALL the smoke in our eyes!!! In case you thought this sounds easy, remember we had 10kg of ihene, 10kg of pasta, 50kg of sauce, 20 onions, 1 cabbage, 1 container of garlic salt, and 3 containers of Italian spices. For dessert we had oranges and candies. After we eat the boys danced & sang for us (I'll post a video later) and then we headed back home.

Today, Vicky, Lauren and I went over to Christ Gospel Church in Kimirongo to have a party for 145 children which Itafari sponsors. We played games with them, fed them a delicious lunch, interviewed a few groups of them whose sponsors had sent gifts for their children. It was fantastic, all the kids had a great time and the three of us are completely knackered.

Now we're contemplating going to Heaven (the restaurant) for dinner . . . so how many of you have bought a goat or brick???? Don't lie, as I'm with the President of Itafari so I'll know when you make your purchases. Remember all those times I bought girl scout cookies I didn't really need, or the millions of popcorn & wrapping paper from your children? Or for those of you who were raising money for MS, cancer, CF, AIDS, or assorted other research, I never thought twice, so why not give generously to the Itafari Foundation!!

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At 19 October, 2008 04:38, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Still here and reading...just ill in Seattle. :-( Sounds like you are having a great one, though.

Linda D. in Seattle


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