Saturday, September 27

Happy 34th Anniversary

Had lots planned for today and as you all know those best laid plans . . . met Kaylie at half 10 at Angel tube station in order to go to Blacks to get a windbreaker/raincoat/shell jacket thing - turns out there's not "in" right now so I only could chose from the manky colours that were left over and of course didn't have my size, tons of size 2 or4, but not a whole lot else. I asked the sales person if they could call another store & see if they had others left & turns out the one near Canterbury Lane tube did so off we trundled. Low & behold they have the right size & in black which works for me, so that's sorted. Next we went to meet "everyone" for lunch. Everyone means anyone who's still in/around London who went to LSTHM (Shani from London still works at the school like me, Gareth from Netherlands, Seth from American just moved back to start his PhD, Dave who's up at Oxford getting his PhD, Sohel who's from Bangladesh) this was where the plans started to fall apart . . . Shani in her never on timeliness called at 11am to say she was running a bit late so not to wait for her, but that Seth had moved back into town & she'd let him know where to meet us. A bit later Gareth called to say he had to work till 3pm . . . around 4 he called to say he'd be done at 6, and at 7.30 he called to say he was done (by which time we were done as well), but in the mean time Kaylie, Sohel & I met up at the pub for a nice chat. Next arrived Dave & his girlfriend Kat (btw she's fav for those of you who know Dave & were wondering!) Kaylie was glad that Kat wasn't an immunologist & decided to stay on a bit longer since she wasn't the only NON geek! Next Andy arrived and about an hour later Seth showed up as well. By 4.45pm, I was rather hungry so I made a plan to move on from the pub to dinner. Just as the meal was starting the text message from Shani said she wasn't going to make it into the city today and again not to wait for her. Now she is a dear friend of mine & I've said this to her face, but never in a million years will I ever wait for Shani cause she's ALWAYS LATE!!! I joke she's going to be late to her funeral! It's now past 8pm & I'm exhausted, but mum you'll be happy to hear I haven't started to pack yet :) but ya know getting the jacket was rather impressive in my mind seeing as I still have 3 days to go [for those who don't know I'm famous for packing just minutes before I leave - when I moved to London my first time just 3 years ago, and you can ask Matt, I packed the morning of & even once we were in the car I was reorganising en route to Boston, bless Matt's heart he was so patient in my utter disarrayed state.]

oh and by the way I'd like to leave a quick note here for my parents who would have been married 34 years today and who to most people's surprise have managed to stay best of friends even after getting a divorce (about 10 years ago now) so they've decided to go out to dinner & the circus tonight - which I think is just fantastic! Hope they're having fun - miss you both!!!!

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At 29 September, 2008 21:41, Blogger mary o said...

a wonderful post about meeting up with, or not, your many friends! Gave me a chuckle.

And thanks for the anniversary wish. The circus was great, tho' I'm not a fan of keeping large wild animals in cages rambling around the country to show them off. In any case, the mini-dachshund show was terrific/ and Dad and I had a lovely evening topped off with an ice cream cone from Lefty's in Glens Falls. Bon voyage, dear. And Sohel, if you read this, glad you're back. My very best to you! All my love, dear Ra, Mommio

At 04 October, 2008 08:59, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

"never on timeliness"

Can I borrow that saying?!? LOL

Linda D. in Seattle


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