Monday, September 29

A case of the Mondays

not me, but others around me are "having a case of the Mondays" for sure! not sure when I'll be able to post again as my day is already flying by & tonight will be filled with packing, packing & more packing, cause as those of you who know me well, know I'm not a pack-in-advance girl at all! I normally stay up late the night before & then wake up early & freak out & finish packing the day I'm flying out, which will probably happen again this trip - I can't lie about it!

Had a great day in the sun yesterday, Kaylie & I went to Hyde Park for a picnic, others were suppose to come, but didn't make it. We were getting a good dose of vitamin D for the week and then finished the day off with some Lebanese food on Edgeware Rd with Rob (who came by after work).

Hope you all have a great two weeks - I'll post if/when I can from Rwanda, but if not I promise to have lots of photos to show upon my return!

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At 30 September, 2008 04:05, Blogger Zee said...

Hope you have a fantastic trip!! Be safe!


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