Tuesday, September 23

just about 177 hours to go!

I'll be leaving for Kigali, Rwanda :) for those not wanting to do the maths, I'm leaving at 8pm GMT next Tuesday the 30th out of Heathrow.

I just looked up the weather on BBC's website and discovered the coolest thing ever, it's in the low 80s, "YEAH BABY YEAH" is all I can say to that! The weather here in London is no where near that (about 20 degrees F cooler) & didn't get close to that this past summer either, if you can even call the weather we had these past few months "summer" cause in my mind it's suppose to be sunny & hot . . . we had cool rainy weather the majority of the time.

I think I've got everything I need, minus a rain coat, not sure what happen to mine, but I need to pick up a new one this weekend. I also need to print out a few photos of my friends & family to share with the local people.

I've just figured out the flight from London (England) to Nairobi (Kenya) is 8.25 hours long and then I have a few hours lay over in the airport, as my mates who travel through there often have advised me not to leave the airport) before the second leg of my flight on to Kigali (Rwanda) which is just over an hour.

Kigali, Rwanda is 3 hours ahead of GMT and I'll be landing there on the morning of Oct 1st.

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At 23 September, 2008 16:55, Anonymous Dave C. said...

Good luck on your upcoming travels. We'll be thinking of you.

The Autumn colors are just coming out here in the northeast... only muted reds so far (I traveled between Potsdam and Charlton yesterday).

At 23 September, 2008 21:38, Blogger Sara said...

i have to say i'm jealous of the colours - if you get a chance can you send me a photo or two . . . trees over here just turn dirt brown, die & fall off, not quite what i'm use to!!!


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