Tuesday, September 23

166.5 hours & counting down!

Still need to get £600 in cash in LARGE CRISP bills for my trip, since of course nobody takes credit cards and the likelihood of the cash points (aka ATMs) working is slim to none. That's probably way more money than I need but I don't wanna be calling my mum or dad from the Western Union at the Kigali Airport - I some how don't think they'd appreciate it especially since the time difference between Kigali & the Adirondacks is going to be 8 hours.

I still haven't gotten myself a windbreaker/rain coat thing, instead of going shopping today after work I decided to come straight home, run a bath & finish reading The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas by John Boyne . . . has anyone read it? I thought it was a good book, it's only like 215 pages, but it's rather good! I'm off to see the movie tomorrow night with Jaid & Kaylie so I HAD to finish it today!!!! The film was released on September 12 over here in UK, but not till November 7 over in America, so I'll have to let you know if it's worth it since this is probably only the one time a movie will be out first over here!!!

Okay off to finish watching Brothers & Sisters Season 1 - thanks to Neala & Melissa I've got it on DVD :)

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At 25 September, 2008 01:02, Blogger Zee said...

Oohhhh, a nice hot bath and a book sounds lovely. I'm currently on "keep the dog from licking at her stitches" duty, so have been a bit hamstrung with my time lately. EEK! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!!

At 25 September, 2008 21:11, Blogger Sara said...

hope that job ends soon even though licking is a good sign cause it means it itches, which is a sign of healing! keep ya posted either whilst I'm there if i can get internet or when i'm back for sure!


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