Thursday, March 6

glasses & sewing machine photos

Here's the sewing machine I bought a few weeks ago:
Here I am 4 eyes and all!
Spent ALL day in Croydon today at my visa extended interview - they warned me to be available for up to 3 hours . . . the short of it is that after paying £550, sitting around from 11am to 4.30pm I got it, so I can stay till Dec 31st!! Yes that means I have to do this whole fun filled process again in a few months, but in my March Challenge of being more thankful, I'm just glad I got this extension :)

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At 07 March, 2008 04:18, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Such stylish glasses! But I think a monocle would be way cool, too!

Linda D. in Seattle

At 07 March, 2008 15:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, very stylish in your new eyes. Sewing machine is super too. Is it easy to use?

Would love to meet Braincheese. Her comments are wise and witty.

Thanks for the photo. And congrats on the visa and your gratitude. It's true, you do inspire.

Love Mom

At 07 March, 2008 15:58, Blogger Sara said...

they never offered me a monocle, will have to ask about that next time!

very easy to use, didn't even have to read the manual (not that I would have even if I thought it was hard - lol)

no glasses weren't free, work gave me £40 toward them (since you can get frames for that price, but they look like the WORST safety goggles i've never seen, so i went for these which cost me £124!!)


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