Wednesday, February 20

World Swim Against Malaria

Once again LSHTM is hosting "World Swim Against Malaria" and once again I'm not swimming, but my mate Quentin is, every year he dresses up as a sperm & swims, this is his third year particiapting!!PLEASE help by sponsoring him here on his website.

Did you know (info from the website):

  • 1 - 3 million - million -people die of malaria each year

  • 70% of themare children under 5

  • The children that will die today from malaria would fill 7 jumbo jets

  • Malaria is the world's single largest killer of children and pregnant mothers.

  • The single most effective means of prevention is a mosquito net

  • Each long lasting insecticidal net (LLIN)– the net of choice -costs just $ 5

  • For each US$100 raised, 20 nets will endup over heads and beds and save one child's life

  • Malaria is entirely preventable and treatable - 1-3 million people need not die each year.

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At 20 February, 2008 15:08, Anonymous dad said...

Ra: can you post a $50 contribution for me please?

love dad

At 20 February, 2008 19:31, Blogger Sara said...

Yes Dad, I added your $50 contribution & sent the reciept to your email address - cheers dad!!!

At 22 February, 2008 01:42, Blogger PCS said...

A sperm? Wouldn't a malaria sporozoite be more appropriate? Can I pretend he is a malaria sporozoite instead of a sperm?

At 22 February, 2008 22:51, Blogger Sara said...

I reckon getting a sporozoite costume is a bit harder than a sperm, but I will ask him. And yes of course you can think of it as a malaria sporozoite instead, I'm sure he'd appreciate that!


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