Monday, February 25

What would PS do?

So some of you might have visited Nate's blog once or twice before, and maybe some of you are even following the story on a daily basis (like I am). Yes, I know there are thousands, if not millions, of blogs out there on the web to read, how do you chose which ones to follow & which not to you ask??!?!

For me that's easy, I follow only a few blogs on a regular (meaning daily) basis. I think all the blogs I visit are listed in my side bar, but not all of those are daily reads. The reason I mentioned Nate's blog earlier & why the title reads, "what would PS do?" is because after following what he tells of his story and I'm sure there is a lot more which he doesn't/cannot write about, I find myself throughout the day wondering what his wife is doing. Her name is Patricia Suzanne, aka PattySue or as you may see her called in the blog Tricia. I don't think for long, just a few seconds whilst pushing myself onto the tube in the morning, or when worrying about an issue at work, or even most recently tonight, when pushing myself to go to the gym.

Let me try to set the scene, though this maybe one of those hard to explain kinda things. It was a typical Monday at work, on the whole nothing to difficult, I put placed in charge of sorting out the ID card & 4 digit pin codes with our safety officer, IC's safety officer, IC's BSF 2 staff members (who I personally think are about as useful as tits on a bull to put it nicely), and the counter-terrorist police unit . . . at first I was very proud to be put in such a position - little me in charge of sorting this out with all this "big wigs", until I realised this was a much harder task than I thought it was going to be - my quick & easy solution was not so easy, which means it's not a quick fix either . . . back to the drawing board with that one tomorrow. But back to my point, at the end of the day, I was sorta feeling beaten by the first of what I can now see as being many meetings with all these people (and anyone who's ever had a meeting with more than 2 people understands how hard it is to try to get multiple people's schedules to match, try doing it with 3 from one institute, 3 from another, and 2-3 from a police branch in central London - you guessed it, NOT fun!) Sorry I got off track again. As I was saying, I was feeling a bit down, came home, had dinner, was checking my emails & debating if I should go to the gym or not. Thinking I could go tomorrow before work, which I know is never really a good plan since I have a rather large dislike for getting up in the morning, so waking up extra early to go to the gym is a ruddy bad idea!! I finally got up, put on my gym kit & walked over. About half way through the work out, I was feeling exhausted, I was wondering why I'd decided to put myself through this & suddenly whilst on the leg curl machine (I think my most hated machine at the mo) just as I was about to give up at rep 7 of my 2nd set (I'm suppose to do 3 sets of 15) suddenly I thought, "what would Tricia do?"
At first the other half of my brain said, "nothing she can't go to the gym"
To which the other half of me said, "but if she could go to the gym, she wouldn't give up, do the next 8 for her, since she can't"
So I pushed the next 8 out & went back to lunges & swats, before ending back on the leg curl machine for my last set. I cannot lie, I thought about skipping out, stretching and just grabbing my jacket so I could leave - I mean who would notice, who would care?!?!? But instead, thanks to Tricia & her strength to fight something way harder than 15 leg curls, I got on the machine & did all 15!!
Probably some of you are thinking so what - you finished your workout, big deal and maybe some of you are so bloody bored you stopped reading a few paragraphs ago. What I'm hoping you got out of my rather long winded stream of consciousness writing is that we take a lot for granted on a daily basis - it's not until you can't do something that you realise how lucky you are. I would bet that Tricia would give anything to have been on that machine doing leg curls (well maybe not them since I know how much they suck, but I'm sure she'd have loved to be at the gym tonight with me!)
Just take a second to reflect on the things you did today, what have you taken for granted? Imagine if you were in a hospital & couldn't have done those things - aren't you the least bit thankful for what you were able to do today?
So I'm going to try to make a pact with myself I'm going to call it my March Challenge (since it's just round the corner really) every day I'm going to try to be more thankful & try to take fewer things for granted. When I get pissed off about something at work - I'm going to try to be thankful I have a job. When I get frustrated at the airport b/c the plane is delayed - I'm going to think of those who can't get on a plane. I hope you can all join me in trying to be a bit more conscious of all the things around us that we have to be thankful for.


I hope this post makes sense, since it's now 10.15pm, I'm not going to re-read it.

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At 25 February, 2008 22:31, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Your post makes so much sense that it's simple...and very well written about a sometimes complicated subject! Thank you...

Linda D. in Seattle

At 25 February, 2008 22:40, Blogger Sara said...

Cheers Ms CheeseWiz, I'm glad it made sense :)

At 26 February, 2008 03:33, Blogger MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

At 27 February, 2008 16:13, Anonymous dad said...


you amaze more each day! keep it up, you are a real joy to all who know you and to your old dad

At 28 February, 2008 01:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post! It is so amazing that Tricia, Nate and Baby Gweneth's lives have touched so many people. I find myself thinking about them often. I can not even imagine going through the things that they are being faced with in there young lives. I guess God only gives you the things that you can handle. Great challenge for march by the way....maybe I will do the same.

Ashley in Louisiana

At 29 February, 2008 03:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I didn't give up on reading "a few paragraphs ago." You're amazin' girl and I love you lots! Mommio


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