Wednesday, December 12

just 1 new years resolution

don't normally make new years resolutions but this year I've decided make JUST one . . . can you guess what it is?

Probably not since it's not like the normal ones of join a gym, lose weight, change jobs, move house, stop biting nails, be nicer to co-worker, or the like . . . it's to start to learn a new language - now can you guess which one?

NO, not French, that would be sorta cheating since I did take it for many years when growing up . . . NO, not Spanish, too confusing with the little French that is still in my head. I'm going for a totally different one, I'm going to attempt Thai at SOAS (School of Oriental & African Studies - part of the University of London). They have a 10 week beginners course starting in January & I figured what the heck, give it a go, I mean worse comes to worse, I only learn 10 words & loose £250.

So what do you think????

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At 12 December, 2007 14:06, Blogger jen said...

ambitious! go for it!

i really want to learn a second language, but i'm thinking more like spanish.

At 12 December, 2007 15:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea! I was thinking this weekend in Montreal, that I'd like to polish up on my French so I'd feel more comfortable speaking it and not just understanding-maybe I'll work on that!

At 12 December, 2007 16:36, Blogger PCS said...

Go for chinese or korean, it will be more useful. Does SOAS have a good pub onsite?

At 12 December, 2007 18:42, Anonymous Amanda said...

Chai! Apparently this means yes in Thai. Am I way off here?

I know what you mean with your french. When I'm in France my spanish comes out beautifly. Funny how that works.

At 13 December, 2007 21:48, Anonymous dad said...

great idea and my theoretical hat is off to your ambitions!

At 20 December, 2007 13:16, Blogger Sara said...

Jen: go for it!

Shann: very good idea since you're there so much.

PCS: Don't know about SOAS' pub, will have to look into it, but i'm guessing they do. LSE so far has the best on campus pub (probably for all the undergrads!)

Amanda: I didn't know yes, so thanks for that help :)

Dad: thanks for your support :)


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