Tuesday, December 11

confused on time zones

I'm still not sure what time it is where I am & am a bit worried I might be getting a cold, but then again that might still just be my body being confused about what time it is. But I'm off home now, fingers crossed I'll get another good nights sleep & wake up tomorrow feeling much better. Sorry to all of you who have called & gotten my voicemail, I've been keeping my phone off to help with getting uninterrupted sleep :)
In the mean time you can laugh at me with my poster in Khon Kaen, Thailand at the World Meloidosis Congress:

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At 12 December, 2007 14:07, Blogger jen said...

ooh, germy!

At 12 December, 2007 15:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I like the color scheme on the poster. Well and on you too!-Shann

At 13 December, 2007 21:51, Anonymous dad said...

great pic...both you and the poster. cant wait to see the poster when you get here for Christmas...which is real soon!

At 20 December, 2007 13:16, Blogger Sara said...

The poster is in the pile of "needs to be packed" so you can all see it in person very very soon :)


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