Wednesday, December 5

vientiene, laos

after a lazy day of tubing down the river yesterday we boarded our mini bus minus 3 passengers who were late so we left without them & drove for 3 hours through the laos mountains & made our way to vientiene, the capital of laos. we showered & went to dinner then to a local bar to listen to some music.

today we had a lie in, breakfast, dropped off laundry, and now at the internet cafe. we're meeting up at 1pm to figure out what we want to do this afternoon - I reckon the girls will want to go to the market for a bit of shopping & the boys will probably end up going to the beer laos factory.

i've met the most awesome people on this trip & it will be sad on sunday to say goodbye. tim & kate will continue on to china, australia, new zealand, fuji, LA, Canada, NY and then back to home to england after their year around the world tour. kris & lawerence will hang in vietnam, then cross cambodia en route back to bangkok. dee will join another trip & go to china. scott & alicia and mark will head back to oz. jon & jake will join the trip to china & then head back to england. harley i think is going to travel a bit then meet up with kris & lawrence in bangkok before heading back home to oz. while i'm just heading straight back to london to go to work :( course i can't complain as i'm only back from 10 working days then off to new york for christmas!!!!!

much warmer here in vientiene which is nice. tubing down the river yesterday was fantastic!! it was 5km long trip with 8 bars along the way - if you bought a drink you could jump off the high jump or zip-line swing thing for free. my fear of heights kept me as the photographer, but I did get some awesome shots and a bit of colours :)

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At 07 December, 2007 20:36, Anonymous dad said...

wow, it does sound awesome. now how about the 3 left behind? did they catch up...or lost forever?

all those bars, I guess are not sand bars!

enjoy! love dad

At 10 December, 2007 13:48, Blogger SusieJ said...

I can't imagine how nice it must be in nice weather right now! Susiej


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