Sunday, November 25

for Rifkin Alexander

Size of a walnut, emotions open and shut
We talked and we walked
So hard to decide, with goings on inside
Limited by time, decisions all mine
Hours past dawn, you were gone
Maybe I'm rotten, but you're not forgotten

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At 16 November, 2007 15:39, Anonymous susiej said...

I like the word walnut, followed by open and shut. Nice.

At 16 November, 2007 15:56, Blogger Sara said...

cheers my dear!

At 17 November, 2007 16:30, Anonymous Mommio said...

maybe you've missed your calling. Or perhaps you're a poet and a scientist.

Beautiful; and you're not rotten; never.



At 19 November, 2007 03:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are wonderful and loved


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