Thursday, November 22

Random differences

  • In the UK most shoppers bag their own groceries while in the USA most do not

  • American television is much more "censored" and conservative than in the UK (not uncommon to see naked boobs on prime time telly.

  • American beds are made using sheets & blankets with a bedspread/comforter. Over here it is a bottom sheet and then covered with a "duvet" (pronounced doo-vay) which is similar to a comforter but has a removable cover which can be washed since there is no top sheet.

  • Apparently the light switches are different as well, the down position is off in America, while down is on in the UK

  • And lastly another tid bit of random differences to add to your knowledge bank is that toilet flush handles are (in most cases) also on the opposite side (I think in the UK it's on the right side)

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