Sunday, November 18

Pronunciation UK Style

Brits tent to pronounce their t's, while Americans have a habit of either drop their t's or replace them with a "d" sound, like in mountain being said, moun'in or letter being said as ledder.

Another difference I see is that American do not pronounce the "g" in many words ending "ing". I find myself saying runnin instead of running and so on . . .

One that has taken awhile to get use to when listening to Londoners speak is their tendency to drop their r's at the end of words. The word generator would be said, gena-ray-ah and the word meter would be mee-ah.

The letter "i" is also pronounced differently like in "anti", I would say an-TYE, while Jim would say, an-TEE. For vitamin, I'd say, vye-tamin, while he'd say, vuht-amin.

A few other ones which I giggle about sometimes are schedule, where I'd say sked-jule and he's day, shed-jill. with the word pedophile, I'd say peh-dofile and he'd say, pee-diofile.

And lastly is hearing Jim say "I should think that you will like this." Whereas I probably would have said: "I would think that you would like this".

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At 13 November, 2007 13:33, Blogger PCS said...

How about aluminum?

At 14 November, 2007 10:13, Blogger Sara said...

very true!!


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