Monday, November 19

Spelling UK Style

First there is the issue of "our" vs "or" like in colour and color.

Next there is the issue of "ise" vs "ize" like in realise and realize.

Another one is the issue of "re" vs "er" like in theatre and theater.

And there is the issue of double lettering like in travelling and traveling.

The issue of "ae" vs "a" is another difference like in paediatric and pediatric.

And then there are a bunch of randoms where I can't figure out the logic behind the differences, like tyre and tire, pyjamas and pajamas, kerb and curb, mould and mold, programme and program, grey and gray (which I can never keep straight which country spells it which way!)

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At 14 November, 2007 22:05, Anonymous dad said...

how about yogurt [US] vs yoghurt [Brit.]

At 15 November, 2007 14:06, Blogger Sara said...

very good one dad!!!!!

At 15 November, 2007 21:08, Blogger Carmi said...

I live in Canada, which follows British/Commonwealth spelling and syntax standards. But I often write for American clients. So I flip between the two, and often have to think hard about my word choices and phrasings to ensure I'm not ticking anyone off in the process.

Thinking of you as you get ready for your trip. Travel safe, k?

Love your idea of advance-posting. If only Blogger supported some kind of automated posting protocol where you could preset the date and time when it would appear on your blog. If you can do that in Microsoft Outlook, why not on a web-based blogging admin interface?

Oops, sorry. Got a little geeky there. Can't wait to see your pics!

At 16 November, 2007 15:36, Blogger Sara said...

cheers carmi - I totally agree! will be posting photos in about a month or so . . .

At 17 November, 2007 11:00, Blogger Diane J Standiford said...

So, traveling is kinda like having MS, things are a bit "off," I think I might do well-am already a bad speller...guess I'll just take a lot of rubbers. Oh! Fun! I feel so naughty.


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